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Chris has written for over 30 years, mostly for the enjoyment of his family. His simple, yet highly entertaining stories contain deep rooted messages and revolve around family and good, old fashioned values. Chris’ stories have recently been discovered and are now being produced for the enjoyment and benefit of others. His tales are the kind told around a campfire, the kind you treasured when you trusted your imagination, the kind that’ll take you to the pleasures of years past and excitement of future destinations. Told in a captivating manner, Chris’ stories are truly entertaining for all generations and gender, rare in today’s literary world.

An avid outdoorsman, Chris lives in ‘God’s Country’, Petoskey, Michigan. He resides with his wife Daphne and lives in an area abundant with wildlife and wilderness, which provide many of his story subjects. The outdoors is where Chris is most comfortable. Drawing on his experience and observations gives him foundation for his stories. The athletic arena is another where Chris draws from years of competitive experience, but the feature most common in Chris’ books are the kids. Even before fatherhood, Chris found himself involved in coaching, teaching and mentoring kids. Most of his stories have young hearts as the focus.

Hawgeye, Chris’ first release, is one such story and is already generating rave reviews, young and old alike. Other works slated for production include – A Baseball Man, Christmas in the Swamp, The Pine Tree Monster, The Canoe Chronicle and others. This site will keep you abreast of their progress as well as monitor Hawgeye’s success. Success measured by charitable donation.

Chris’s intent is to give back. The proceeds from Hawgeye will be returned to each charity and organization involved in its promotion. See the list on the Charities and Organizations page of this site. To find out more about this program, just contact Chris. You’re also welcome to utilize the Reviews page and share your thoughts about the book. Chris is accessible and available for speaking engagements, and to share his writing experiences with others. To contact Chris, email him at chriswweston@gmail.com.

Chris just won the Michigan Hemingway Society’s 2011 Short Story Writing Contest with his entry titled ‘The River’s Best’. Read his story on this site’s NEWS page.   Keep looking for more from Chris. In the meantime, enjoy Hawgeye!

NEW RELEASE SLATED –  Chris just contracted TWO new releases.  One for 2013 – ‘A Baseball Man’ and ‘Esox’ the Water Tiger for 2014.  Catch up on this site’s NEWS page.